A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

“A picture is worth a thousand words,
A life is worth much more.
And looking over pictures shows,
What moments were important to you,
Since pictures are moments you chose.” Just A Rose
— Just A Rose

As an (amateur) photograher I have always felt that photos truly do speak a thousands words. I chose to quote this part of Just A Rose's poem as I agree wholeheartedly that a life is more precious than anything on this earth. Much more than any inanimate object regardless of the value. And also, pictures are moments we choose. We all make decisions based on what is important to us and photos shed light on what people care about. 

My family has always taken lots of pictures as a way to preserve our memories. As we grow older, no matter how hard we try to hold on to some memories, the details or all of it just slowly fade away. My sister, Brooke, has taken memory preservation from a hobby to a career and she helps families day in and day out hold on to the precious details. Like how small your little ones feet were, how curly your baby's hair was when they were born or how tender a kiss was when no one was looking. 

Never take for granted the lives around you or your own for that matter - capture the smiles, the tears, the hugs, the pushes, the vacations, the major life decisions etc and treasure them forever. 

Yesterday, we decided to have Brooke photograph samples of our menu because these are decisions we made. It is our livelihood and it is what we love.

Thank you Brooke Mayo Photographers for helping us share with the world our important memories! 

Click on the photos below to scroll through our slideshow.