Who, What, When, Where, How and Why

If you have ever wanted to know: Who we are - What we do - When we became Barrier Island Bagels - Where we came from - How we got here and Why we chose bagels...Keep reading!

WHO: We are the Legg's, a family of three - Josh, Allie and Noah (well a family of 8 if you include our dog, two cats and five chickens) and we make bagels. Josh is from Newport News, Va and I am from New Bern, NC and we have lived in the Outer Banks for the past ten years. 

WHAT: We have been asked, "why bagels" quite often since we have opened, as making homemade bagels to many folks is a fairly uncommon practice. And our answer is simple, "it is what we are good at." Some folks are mathematicians, doctors, police officers, astronauts etc. But to be honest with you I am awful at math, we turn to Google to self diagnose, we have trouble following the rules and are both terrible moon walkers. So, since the day we started working at Lighthouse Bagels in Corolla we realized that bagels were are calling. Big thanks to Rick, Pati and Ryan for showing us "the way"! 

"We become more humbled and thankful each day and thank God for letting us become a part of this wonderful community we live in. We are going to great things!" Allie

WHEN: In 2012 Josh started working for the Dietrich's at Lighthouse Bagels as their oven operator.

An FYI, a bagel oven operates at around 500 degrees and you have to physically put your arms and hands in it to flip the bagels. 

This was no small job and was not to be trusted to just anyone. Running a bagel oven takes exact timing, finesse, endurance, being physically fit and having the will power to not be "caught". Lighthouse bagels is its own beast, in one day during the summer they can sell over 5,000 bagels. The person on the oven literally would start cooking at 3am and not get off until 11am; constantly under the threat of running out of bagels, which we call "being caught."

The bagel men never wants to be caught... 

Just imagine the amount of sweat, muscle aches and illusions one would have being in front of that heat for hours on end....its a hard job.

When Josh first began his new bagel life I was living my own life at Towne Bank in Corolla. After many years of working in the restaurant industry I decided to try my hand at a "normal" job. (But please refer to the WHAT section of this post where I talk about math). I thought a normal job would be my ticket to living in Corolla year round and not having to live off Ramen in the winter months. But soon to find out I was extremely jealous of Josh's and my friends' freedom to travel in the off season, I missed Ramen and felt that I rather travel and struggle for money than be stuck - so I made the decision to return to the hospitality industry. Out of the many, many amazing restaurants in Corolla I chose to work for Pati and Rick and it has been hands down the best decision of my life. Even if I was not a bagel shop owner now, the lessons and compassion the Dietrich's taught me truly changed for as a person. And I think its safe to say all their Corolla children would agree with me too, we are all very blessed to have them in our lives. 

WHERE: Lighthouse Bagels, Corolla, NC

HOW: This is the crazy part y'all! Would you believe me if I told you that it only took two months from the moment we found out Bonnie's was for sale to the day we closed?? We hustled!

Talk about determination - Josh and I went through such highs and lows trying to find a way to get the funds. Avenues that we thought were sure fire turned out to be a dead ends...twice. And just when we thought our dream was slipping through our fingers a miracle happened and it was in the form of two loving parents name Billy and Diane. 

"The rest of the world didn't believe in us, but my family has never quit." Josh

WHY: We have already discussed why we chose bagels so I want y'all to know why we chose to own our own business. The answer is our son Noah. Since the day he was conceived he became the number one motivator in our lives and each day we wake up and do what we do because of him. We have never met anyone as amazing as him and we want to do everything in our power to give him the best life possible. Family...That is why we are business owners. 


xoxo Allie