Smoothies and Smoothies Bowls at a Bagel Shop?? Yep!!

"An OBX deli, bagel shop and smoothie bar all in one? That’s right! We give variety to our menu because we know each person has unique dietary needs, plus we think smoothies paired with sandwiches and bagels are pretty amazing.

We also believe in keeping our bodies strong and nourished, which is why we designed our menu to satisfy your cravings for something yummy and also healthy! And trading in a soda for a juice or smoothie is one way to do that. (If you would like to learn more about the benefits of juicing, read our post here, but this post is all about smoothies!)

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are wonderful because you receive all of the nutrients from the whole fruit, not just the juice. Incorporating smoothies into our diet and daily routine can be challenging; there is all that prepping, messy after math and buying fresh fruits can definitely affect the grocery budget. At Barrier Island Bagels, we love to help you with your smoothie craving. Let us handle the mess for you, so you can enjoy a fresh smoothie that is affordable too so you can enjoy them again and again! 

We have two BIB signature smoothie bowls on our menu. The Antioxidant Bowl is filled with…you guessed it antioxidants! We blend fresh blueberries, strawberries, and banana with vanilla yogurt, another great nutritional source of needed probiotics by the way. Then we top it all with chia seeds, granola, and more fresh fruit! 

Want to go green?! We recommend our Green Living smoothie or our Green Goodness Bowl. The Green Goodness Bowl brings together the sweet taste of banana with the power plants kale and spinach, blended with vanilla yogurt and topped with chia seeds and fresh fruit.

Stop in and have a laugh with us and try one of our OBX smoothies. Every one that visits our little smoothie bar hereon the Outer Banks, is treated like a local. ;)"